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Account-Based Marketing

It is a type of personalized marketing.


What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account Based Marketing

ABM is a marketing strategy that is tailor-made for our prospects, this means that the approach or design is created to meet the requirements and expectations of a specific customer or user, to guarantee an almost certain deal or sale by communicating the right information to the right person at the right time.

Why sell through Account Based Marketing?

The ABM is ideal when we want to reach a prospect or specific niche, being a strategy that fits perfectly with a consumer, it allows us to mold it so that it meets the requirements required by an individual or a profile of people previously identified, then when selling this strategy is more efficient because we save a lot of time and money creating the right communication for a target audience that we know will almost certainly acquire our product or service and be loyal to our proposal, since it is generated based on their tastes and immediate needs.

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Why upgrade your strategy to Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing Process will allow you to rethink strategies that have a very broad spectrum of scope and channel your efforts more effectively to meet the demands of previously studied and identified markets, facilitating through customized techniques to build customer loyalty.

Omnichannel Communication

Adopting such a strategy will give you a clearer picture to generate clearer and more efficient communication channels, if we know exactly which profile we are selling to, we will know their habits, therefore we will know how to talk to them and under which channels to do so.


Strategic Value of ABM

As trends evolve and change, so do consumers and their profiles, however ABM, being so personalized, adapts itself to change over time, as this strategy revolves around the prospect, therefore if the prospect changes, the way of selling to them does the same, in other words, ABM adjusts itself to fit perfectly to a user and therefore adapts itself equally to the change in user trends.


How Account-Based Marketing can help you?

The biggest benefit is the creation of personalized content to impact prospects, consumers, or companies that we want to reach or contact directly.

ABM by account

It consists of contacting an account interested in a specific product or service, therefore a sales strategy is carried out aimed at solving that specific need of that account.

ABM by industry

It consists of taking an existing strategy of a client and shaping it in a more massive way to a large but specific group of consumers and with our communication we offer them exactly what they are looking for to satisfy a need by acquiring our product or service.



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