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Hospitality and Tourism

Enhance a better Guest experience

My Vacation Experience

All your guests' experience in one place

My Vacation Experience 

My Vacation Experience is a platform developed by Imagineer focused on the operational efficiency of hospitality companies, generating an omnichannel approach in the management of services and assets, with a view to generating a better customer experience.

Sales Features 

With My Vacation Experience you can manage the reservations of your guests, in addition to being able to sell directly from the platform as well as manage the sales made by third parties, such as travel agencies, among others.

Manage reservations in one place

Whether you sell online, manual procedures or through OTAs, My Vacation Experience will become a channel through which you can manage and follow up on reservations that are managed on any channel.

Sales management to third parties:

Create online management channels for third parties, which will allow them to check inventory availability in real time and self-manage their reservations, improving productivity.

Sell online

Using the My Vacation Experience platform, you can manage sales on the website, as well as customers can confirm services from their profiles, since there is a direct integration with the bank to manage payments directly.


Operational Features

With My Vacation Experience you can more easily control some operational aspects such as prices and availability of your services, you can also manage the arrival and departure of customers, as well as other services that they have contracted and you can see reports of their operations to have more control.

Prices, inventory and availability

In a simple way create and manage all the products and services you offer, the availability will be synchronized with all the channels, making sure to avoid an overselling.

Planning of daily operational management

Simple and quick access to lists of clients, arrivals, departures, services of the day, among others. The flexibility of the system allows collaboration between teams.


Availability of various reports in real time and on demand, where you can see all the production details.


Maximize customer service management

My Vacation is an ideal platform that allows the integration of the different services and products that a hotel offers at any time from any device and in an intuitive way.


  • Reservation Management
  • Tours
  • Activities
  • Reservation of services
  • Order management
  • Events
  • Additional services
  • Restaurants
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Why choose My Vacation Experience?

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Better Customer Experience

Learn more and better about your clients prior to their arrival, with My Vacaction you can have a profile of each of the clients and know their tastes and preferences.

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Through My Vacation Experience you will have a platform where you can integrate the entire operation, this will improve management and allow you to have a more comprehensive view of the business.

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Grow your business

My Vacation Experience will allow you to have all your products and services available in one place within the reach of a click for the client, in addition, by knowing your clients better, you will be able to cross-sell by offering what suits your tastes and preferences.


My Vacation Experience 

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