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B2B e-Commerce Process Management

Strategy for managing business processes in B2B relationships

B2b process

Process management in the B2B 

What is process management in the B2B business relationship?

B2B sales is nothing more than the commercial exchange that occurs between two companies, in other words, when an organization sells its products or services to another organization.

To manage this relationship, processes must be managed that allow us to gain unique experiences for each of our clients.

What are these key processes in the B2B relationship?

The key in managing B2B relationships is the ability to personalize the experience for each of our clients, which means being able to manage that personalization from the basis of the "contract" that we agree with each one of them, the traditional strategy of commercial management does not give us that capacity, since it is impossible, for example, for a company to be able to produce a catalog with products, quantity and prices for each of its clients.

A B2B digital architecture strategy is the key to generating that personalization of the experience and that will lead us to maximize the profitability of each of our accounts.

B2B eCommerce
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Management of B2B client contracts

The management of B2B contracts is nothing more than the administration of the "documents" that stipulate the conditions under which an organization will provide a material good or service to the other organization in exchange for payment.

The contracts fulfill the function of formalizing the terms of the relationship, that is, they define the terms and conditions for commercial exchange.

The main elements of the contract

1. Prices of products or services
2. Dates
3. Delivery times
4. Forms of plague
5. Payment terms
6. Periodicity of supply

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge that companies face today is being able to manage all these conditions in an effective and efficient way, seeking to obtain the highest profitability, which in principle under the traditional commercial model is not possible.

The solution

The solution is a digital architecture strategy based on a B2B e-Commerce where you can customize the experience for each of the clients.



B2B Catalog Management

The management of commercial assets, catalogs, discounts, promotions, among others, is probably one of the biggest challenges for the sales and market team of any company, in traditional formats, whether printed or even pdfs, they become outdated and managing them is a great challenge, since having to update prices, publish promotions, expand or decrease the catalog, in real time, is almost impossible.

Custom contracts

It is clear that there is not the ability to generate all these inputs in a personalized way for each of our clients, with which, the commercial teams end up juggling to manage their accounts, when they make visits they must have a catalog of "n" number of pages, where the entire offer for the different types of customers is scrambled.

The Solution

And what is the solution? The implementation of a B2B digital architecture, which allows us to generate a personalization for each of our clients and in turn is easily manageable in real time.


The system allows them to progress through the program, obtaining better benefits as they spend more money or earn more points. Higher tiers are associated with more exclusive brand experiences and rewards for fewer customers, rewards that many people will work towards.


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Basic steps of how to implement a B2B eCommerce strategy

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Work through the basic steps to put together the B2B business plan

Idea, Market Research and Business Plan, Marketing, A Marketplace or direct sale, Payment methods,  Logistics Local, national or international?, Personalization: transparency, prices and offers.

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Understand how to support the proposal

Demonstrate the value of a B2B platform implementation to decision makers so that you can better support your proposition.

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Seek the accompaniment of an expert implementer

To effectively implement a B2B platform in your business, rely on an expert implementer to make your task easier.

Learn about B2B e-Commerce process management

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